Writing a Good Theory of Change

This workshop on 26 March, 10am-1pm at the Green Fish Resource Centre will support you to understand the principles and terminology behind Theories of Change and create your own basic Theory of Change.

A Theory of Change (or ToC) is a way to illustrate and/or describe how the outcomes of your organisation’s work happen over the short, medium and long term. A Theory of Change can be designed at the start of a programme (to help with planning) or it can be used to evaluate an existing programme.

Theories of Change are increasingly popular with funders and policy makers. It is therefore important that you are able to communicate Theories of Change effectively.

A good Theory of Change can help you to understand your work better and explain it to others. This workshop will support you to:
• Understand the principles and terminology behind Theories of Change
• Create your own basic Theory of Change

The session will be hands-on and you will be supported to create your own Theory of Change.

For more information and to book a place, visit: www.gmyn.co.uk/main/training/, or email: info@gmyn.co.uk

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