VYM AGM and beyond

VYM’s AGM took place on 24th October with about 25 participants including trustees, staff, partners and a good cross section of the network.  You can read VYM’s annual report for 2015/16 here.

It’s fair to say that the legal stuff aside, it was a feisty affair which suggests that folk are passionate about VYM and what happens next, whether they be members or trustees, so it is to be hoped that the voluntary youth sector can lead the way in finding common ground between competing hopes and expectations.

An attempt to summarise from the outgoing worker’s perspective would be that there are folk who would like to take leadership roles within VYM, including as trustees, but would value assurances from existing trustees that there is a plan in place and a commitment to VYM’s continuing existence, with an accompanying budget.  There were also issues regarding VYM as a sector representative vs VYM as a deliverer of contracts.  The Board meanwhile have clearly stated that they would value new trustees coming onto the Board to assist in formulating a plan and adding new energy, ideas and commitment to the process of taking the organisation forward.  Furthermore, as the accountable body they have responsibility for ensuring that existing contracts are honoured, and valued partnerships maintained.

As such, it was agreed that a meeting would be organised at the earliest opportunity between the Board and interested network members to address these issues.  A date will be forwarded in due course.

In the meantime, VYM does encourage you to consider becoming a Board member as your experience and expertise is much needed in these changing times if we are to work together effectively to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


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