SPOT Finance training

Interested in improving your confidence? Enhancing your employability skills or those of the young people you work with? Gaining some work experience? SPOT Finance is a dedicated group of student volunteers from The University of Manchester committed to improving the living standards of young people across Manchester. We conduct a variety of business, financial and skills based workshops which are flexible to better suit your needs.

These are the range of programs we offer:

1) FinSPOT Financeancial programme: To help with personal finances such as budgeting, savings and banking etc.

2) IFS(Institute of Financial Services) programme: To provide personal mentoring based on the IFS curriculum where participants complete the program with an invaluable qualification, which will significantly improve their job prospects.

3)Confidence and skills development programme: We offer basic activities such as trading games and team building activities with the overall goal of improving your confidence and skills.

4) Work experience programme: SPOT Finance is partnered with the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) where you can take part in our training program specifically to prepare you for work experience at one of IHG’s hotels which could end up in a potential job offer.


Check out our website for more information: Tell us what YOUR needs are and we will be happy to tailor our program to cater to your preferences. Get in touch with us through or contact Marsella Kayveas at 07563049376.

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