Safeguarding Conference 2018

The Safeguarding Children Conference, on Friday 2 February 2018, 9am at The Studio, Manchester, brings together national leaders and experts in safeguarding and child protection. Through attending workshops and hearing from highly regarded keynote speakers, delegates will explore key safeguarding issues for schools and academies.

Child Sexual Exploitation – Sara Rowbotham Safeguarding Conference Agenda
Sexually Harmful Behaviours – Julie Henniker, AIM Project

The following workshops will be available to choose from:
• Fabricated Induced Illness – Dr Juliet Court
• Female Genital Mutilation – Rose Ssali, AFRUCA
• Striving for excellence, keeping everybody safe – Louise Lynn, Piper Hill Special School
• Radicalisation and extremism – Mark Tasker, Peel Solutions
• Touch: Reflections on the issue of ‘touch’ in educational contexts – Sarah Mckintosh and Theresa Coughlan, One Education
• Working with children and young people following traumatic events – Dr Susan Posada, One Education
• Good goodbyes and good hellos: Supporting vulnerable pupils with transitions – Michelle Laverack and Carrie Bray, One Education
• Creation and destruction: Self harm and art therapy – Colette Flynn, One Education
• Families and schools – dealing with chaos – Yanela Garcia and James Stephens, One Education

Cost: £249 + VAT or attend as part of the Safeguarding Support Package

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