Safeguarding Children 2018: Finding solutions for Better Protection

Open Forum Events invites you to a Safeguarding Children: Finding Solutions for Better Protection conference to analyse and discuss these pressing issues, on Thursday 24 May, 8.30am at The Bridgewater Hall.

Comprehensive reports published throughout 2017 have scrutinized government policy towards services affecting children’s safety and well-being. These include the NSPCC’s ‘How safe are our children’, Respublica’s ‘Making Young Minds Matter’ and Ofsted’s annual report, which all contribute to the discussion around child safety. To make more long-term improvements to services affecting children’s well-being, there needs to be a more pro-active effort at every level. All bodies who come into contact with children need policies to ensure the safeguarding of children.

Problems affecting children’s safety are often too stigmatized for individuals and groups to talk about honestly and openly. Child grooming, abuse and trafficking are all too common for a society in the 21st century. Children in care can be particularly vulnerable to this as there is too often no one looking out for them.

At the Safeguarding Children: Finding Solutions for Better Protection conference delegates will learn more about new policies and frameworks in place to safeguard children. Hear about practical insights into setting out strategic arrangements to ensure services are better coordinated across a spectrum encompassing child protection, safeguarding and wellbeing.

Costs: Charity Sector £160 + VAT, Public Sector £230 + VAT, Private Sector £495 + VAT

For more information and to register, visit:–Finding-solutions-for-Better-Protection-145

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