New Work Placements Programme with the Challenge and Department of Education

The Challenge have recently been commissioned by the Department of Education to design and pilot a new model for student work placements, which the government is planning to roll out nationally as a mandatory requirement for all (~250,000) technical education students by 2020, as part of their newly proposed t-levels.

College students aged from 16-19, who are enrolled on this new programme are to complete a minimum 40-day work placement within an organisation relevant to their technical area of study and are offering the opportunity for you to host a student (or student) who is studying a course relevant to your organisation in the following areas:
• Creative Media Design (marketing, social media, web and graphic design)
• Business Admin (HR)
• Computing (IT support)
• Accountancy
• Applied Law
• Health and Social Care

This is a fantastic opportunity with many benefits including:
1. Bringing a fresh perspective into your organisation
2. Extra helping hands for your organisation
3. inspire the next generation to work in the third sector
4. Strengthen your recruitment pipeline and develop internal talent

Placements start in January with students placed within organisations 2 days a week for 20 weeks. Learners will be well prepared with technical skills and able to make a difference within your organisation. You can be involved in the assessment process and can decide whether you pay the students or not.

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