New models of partnership working in Manchester

In partnership with the VYM Members Group and latterly the citywide Infrastructure Group, VYM has been working to offer VCS organisations in the youth and play sphere an insight into various models of partnership working that might enable us to better engage with the evolving youth & play trust that is Young Manchester.

To this end over the last few weeks a number of workshops have taken place across the city in an attempt to raise awareness of the relevant issues and approaches.  During July, there were 3 workshops on successive Thursdays that sought to enlighten participants regarding the theory or mechanics of different types of partnerships and we were aided in this via a Contracting and Procurement Presentation delivered by Nigel Rose, Strategic Lead for Commissioning at Macc.  The workshops took place in roughly the north, central and south of the city, an approach designed to stimulate some thoughts and ideas about how what we learned might be applied in practice, either on a geographic or thematic basis, and this worked with varying degrees of success.  Notes of these workshops below:

Combined notes of partnership meetings 7, 14, 21 July

At the start of August, we held an event focusing on different partnership models as they have been applied in different parts of the north west.  First up was Graham Whalley from Young Lancashire sharing his knowledge and experience gained in developing the Greater Together consortium in that county, a very honest and enlightening assessment of the highs and lows, pros and cons, successes and failures of this example.  The second speaker was Kath Smith, from the Bolton Together Consortium that appealed to some participants given the importance attributed to representation and influence, although created with a large slice of local authority involvement.  Finally, David Watkins gave a much enjoyed reflection on Manchester’s Youth

These powerpoint presentations can be found below:

Graham Whalley Consortium Presentation

Kath Smith Bolton Together Presentation

This is of course part of a much bigger and longer process and there will be further opportunities to explore our options. Many thanks to all those who took part in the workshops, whether as speakers, facilitators or participants, as it’s clear that much was learned and gained from them.

However, I cannot stress enough that the clocking is ticking and lack of engagement with these activities is likely in time to be viewed as lack of interest, as and when any form of consortium or similar begins to develop.  So please do stay in touch with us on this in the coming months.

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