Manchester Youth Market Programme

Are you aged 16-30 and live or study in Manchester? Are you interested in being your own boss or are you already running a business but new to trading to the public? If yes the Manchester Youth Market could be for you.

Starting your own business can be challenging. You’ve got a business idea but may have encountered barriers to getting it off the ground. Things such as finding premises, insurances, start up stock and equipment can be expensive. The Manchester Youth Market will help you get over these initial hurdles.

Manchester Youth Market is working with a wide range of partners that will offer you the training and development you need to get your business off the ground – or to help it grow. You may also be able to apply for a small grant to help you buy the things you need to start trading to the public.

Manchester Youth Market will offer you free of low cost test trading opportunities in a range of different locations. This will include markets and events taking place across Manchester. You can also hot desk and network with other new businesses in My hub on Oxford Road.

Manchester Youth Market wants to create a sense of community from day one. Networking events will enable you to share ideas, and to give and receive support from others. You will also be helped to shape and develop the programme and promote the opportunity to other young people.

To apply to be part of the Manchester Youth Market programme is simple, you either: send a short video about your business idea, or complete an application form.

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