Leaders in GM: Speak-Up, Listen-Up Masterclass

Most organisations in Greater Manchester have taken for granted habits and implicit rules that influence how certain things do and don’t get talked about. Some people get heard more than others. Some people or groups are consciously, and more often unconsciously, excluded. This has an impact on decision making and staff engagement. Good ideas may never see the light of day. Harmful practices or behaviours may be overlooked.

Policies and speak-up processes are necessary but not sufficient on their own to change these cultural habits. Encouraging individuals to speak up only partially addresses the issues involved.

Based on a major research study into ‘speaking truth to power’, which draws on insights from organisations across the world, this workshop 18 June, 9.30am-5pm in Central Manchester, addresses some of the realities of speaking up and listening up.

It introduces ways of working with the dynamics of power and psychological safety, if cultural habits are to be changed. Participants will learn practical ways to make a difference to who gets heard – and what they as individuals can do to hear others and be heard.

Based on original research by John Higgins and Ben Fuchs, participants will explore:
• How we silence ourselves and are silenced
• How we silence others (intentionally and unintentionally)
• The individual and organisational consequences of silencing
• What we can do to find our voice and encourage voice of others
• How we can increase our impact and influence by using voice effectively

For further information and to register, visit: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leaders-in-gm-speak-up-list

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