#KYPF – 2016 onwards


If maintaining and improving services for young people in our city is important to you, your organisation, your young people, their families, your community then please join our ongoing campaign to maintain quality youth provision across Manchester.  Current indications are that, subject to satisfactory delivery of services as agreed in contracts, existing Youth & Play Funded services will have their contracts extended into 2016/17.    

However, with the benefit of hindsight none of us can be sure of what the implications will be of the Chancellor’s autumn statement, and we have to be prepared for the possibility that cuts will still need to be made to funding for young people’s services.

The new #KYPF campaign group met to consider an appropriate way forward that recognises the support we had last time and, at this stage, highlights the difference made by Youth & Play funded organisations in the lives of young people and their communities, and propose the following:


  • Let us know which Councillors you sent your #KYPF Christmas cards to.
  • Start gathering case studies or stories that demonstrate the impact of what you do, particularly anything that has effectively addressed a safeguarding issue.  We would recommend you using the Most Significant Change outcomes tool or something similar to aid you with this (contact VYM for more details).  Watch out for further information about where to send these.  
  • Let’s make 2016 a year of celebrating and demonstrating the impact of the work we do.
  • Come to VYM’s quarterly network meetings where campaign strategy and actions are discussed and developed.  

Also, if you have not done already, then:

  1. Join our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KEEP.THE.YOUTH.FUND/  (NB  Until we can change the logo on the facebook page, it will read KTYF with the sub-heading Keep the Youth & Play Fund)
  2. Follow us on twitter @VYM_Network and use  in your tweets

VYM and the campaign group want to reinforce the message that this campaign relates to both Youth and Play funding, as so many of our members are able to deliver excellent work because of the funding they receive from both sources.