Kids of Colour: Youth work, race and racism

What is it like to think about and navigate your race on a daily basis?

This session on 11 July 2019, 5.30pm is focused on pushing people working with young people (particularly white people) to reflect on the challenges facing young people of colour that are not always visible, critically considering what it is like to grow up in a society where institutions are built in favour of and for white people. We will explore the experiences of ongoing racial battle fatigue, the need to be resilient to micro-aggression, being racially and culturally different to the UK’s default ‘norm’; reflecting on how this can leave some young people ‘wanting to be white’.

This session is facilitated by Kids of Colour, and co-facilitated with young people who lead using their lived experience.

This series of workshops are available free of charge to those working in Manchester. People who work in Greater Manchester are welcome to attend at a cost of £15.

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