Thanks to last year’s KTYF Campaign coordinated by VYM and led by dedicated workers from the voluntary youth sector, the Council announced that it would not cut the Youth & Play Budget meaning that these Funds were largely protected in 2015/16.  This did not mean that contracts were completely secure, and further negotiations did take place with commissioners that resulted in a number of projects losing their funding, and others having their activities re-focused, but we know it could have been far worse, had the City Council not revised its budget to a one year focus, in the hope of a government being returned at the General Election that would be more favourable to this city.

As we now know, the electorate returned a government that is likely to be less, not more, favourable to the social care budgets of the so-called ‘northern powerhouse’ that includes Manchester.  

VYM hopes that the Council will be true to its own proposals to adopt a co-production approach to commissioning in future, including proposals relating to a Youth Trust, and  VYM will continue to work with our partners to this end.  We do however acknowledge that as far as the legal framework allows, organisations like VYM must continue to campaign for meaningful resourcing of services and support any initiative that may achieve this outcome.


Things to be doing

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