Join the Budget Conversation

Because we know that more budget cuts are coming, and before budget decisions start being made, Manchester City Council wants to engage with local communities about what matters most, and to use this to shape future budgets.

Things have been tough in recent years. With Government the Council is spending 35% less on services than it did five years ago. That amounts to £340m.  And more cuts are coming.

Manchester City Council currently spends nearly £530 million a year, more than half of that on social services, looking after children in care, people with disabilities, mental health problems and old people. The rest goes on services for all, like bins and street cleaning, roads, street lights, leisure centres and parks.

This time they want to start the Budget Conversation earlier – so you can say what you value most, and help them to work out how to grow the things about your neighbourhood you value most.

Join the Budget Conversation.

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