#iwillWeek 2018

This 12-16 November #iwill are calling for campaign partners to further empower and celebrate the stories of young people by enabling them to describe the impact they’re having on the communities and causes they care so much about.

It’s know that when young people take part in social action, everyone benefits. And #iwill want young people to have the chance to take part in meaningful social action – building a habit for life.

#iwillWeek 2018 provides the space and forum for young people to tell stories of youth social action.

What engaging in #iwillWeek 2018 can look like
1. Share a blog or let young people take over your social media: Young people can be invited to author a piece of content, ideally articulating their own impact or the impact of youth social action on the community. This could be a news story with local media interest, a website post, a blog or even a letter to a local MP or community leader. Or hand over your newsletter or social media channels to young people during the week.

2. Produce a film: Create a film – short or long – with young people talking about the positive impact they have had on their communities. They could also be invited shoot, storyboard or even direct the films. Armed with smartphones this could be a relatively swift way to get multiple perspectives and could enhance written content – new or old.

3. Host an event: Hosting an event may also be a choice you make. Inviting young people to lead the event as well as share their stories can really elevate the impact of youth social action. Perhaps it also makes sense to invite the wider community, your local MP or other community leaders to learn about the role young people have taken on through their volunteering, fundraising or campaigning. Or you may be interested in holding a Big Lunch to start conversations about the difference young people can make in improving their communities.

For further information, visit: www.iwill.org.uk/get-involved/iwillweek-2018/

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