Greater Manchester Talent Match ‘Still Hidden’ conference

Over 15,000 young people in Greater Manchester are ‘hidden’: they are not currently in employment, training or education – and do not claim benefits. GM Talent Match are inviting national, local and regional decision makers from all sectors to attend their ‘Still Hidden’ conference on 11 October at Gorton Monastery and play their part in building a platform to improve the life chances of young people furthest from employment.

Greater Manchester Talent Match want national, local and regional decision makers from all sectors to attend the ‘Still Hidden’ conference. The aim is to create a platform from which they can continue to improve the life chances for young people furthest from employment in Greater Manchester.

The conference will be exploring how Greater Manchester Talent Match has unlocked the potential of these young people, as well as the role employers and the voluntary, community and public sectors have played in this.

The day will feature influential keynote speakers and the opportunity to participate in a range of engaging workshops that will draw upon Greater Manchester Talent Match’s experiences of working with young people, community sector organisations and employers across Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester Talent Match don’t just want to mark the end of their programme (ending December 2018) they want to get the people in the room who can help them create a legacy of lasting change. For that reason they will be launching their Still Hidden report at the event with recommendations about what needs to happen next.

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