GMCDP: Shaping Our Inclusion

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) is a disabled people’s organisation that has worked in Greater Manchester for the last 30 years, promoting full inclusion and equal rights for disabled people. GMCDP is run and controlled 100% by disabled people.

GMCDP has recently been successful in gaining Big Lottery funding to run a new project called ‘Shaping Our Inclusion’. This project comes hot on the heels of GMCDP’s Including Young Disabled People’s Project (also Big Lottery funded) that works with young disabled people throughout all of the boroughs of Greater Manchester.

The project is now working in 3 distinct sections – and hopefully these may be of some interest to you:

1. 15-19 year old Young Disabled People

The project is looking at going to colleges, youth services, and groups (anywhere where young disabled people between the ages of 15-19 go) – to work with those groups on mini projects. Over the course of 2-3 sessions, there will be a ‘mini-change project’ – which will focus on something that the group would like to change or raise awareness of, perhaps make a poster, a campaign or even a conversation that will bring about that change. This will be followed up on at a later date to see if that change has been turned into an action. Or run a session about ‘positive self-image’ that will challenge stigmas and negative portrayal of disabled people.

If you run a group of 15-19 year old young disabled people and can commit to a handful of sessions, then contact GMCDP as below!

2.  20-30 year old Young Disabled People

GMCDP is always on the lookout for young disabled people who have a proactive desire to become trainers, role models, ambassadors, mentors, leaders etc, and is passionate about young disabled people being at the heart of decision making at GMCDP.  Full training and support is offered, so they don’t feel that they have been thrown in at the deep end. These will become the core group that becomes the lifeblood of the project. If you know of any young disabled people who might be interested in committing to this project, please send them along!

3.  Service providers

GMCDP can come in and deliver training on disability issues to you and your staff – all free, of course! This will including looking at how you make your service more accessible to young disabled people, and will involve young disabled people in supporting the training. The training will require a commitment from you to follow up on actions decided. Good practice will be highlighted on GMCDP’s website and social media channels.  This can be via staff meetings, training days etc.

The focus will be on Manchester, Oldham and Stockport this year (up until June 2017).  For all of these groups, it’s better to work with small numbers of people to get quality results. Please get in touch with Brett (details below) if you have any questions or would like to meet for a chat to discuss it.


Phone: 0161 636 7538

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