E+ for Youth Workers

Keen on working with young people, enjoy having an international exposure, like supporting others’ learning experiences.

Leader in youth exchanges online learning and training course gives you the opportunity to acquire requisite skills and competencies in organising E+ Youth Exchanges and the expertise in managing human resources involved in the programmes.

This learning supports your acquisition of skills to:
• Gain knowledge about the history around youth exchanges
• Understand essential aspects of youth exchange projects
• Identify and apply criteria to select leaders and participants
• Understand the advantages of organizing an APV
• Acknowledge the learning opportunities offered by a youth exchange project
• Identify skills and competencies needed for a group leader etc.

Topics covered:
A short history of youth exchanges in Europe, choosing partners, leaders and participants in the youth exchange, planning different aspects concerning the exchange, knowledge, etc

For more information, visit: http://thecourses.eu/, or contact 004072 297 7094 or email: contact@thecourses.eu

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