2. Collaborating

vym bubbleVYM is committed to working in partnership with public, private and voluntary sector organisations that prioritize the needs and aspirations of young people in the city, seeing this as the only realistic way of delivering positive outcomes in an increasingly hostile and under-resourced environment.

As a network, working together to deliver high quality direct delivery work with young people has been a consistent strand of our work, which has been evidenced through citywide initiatives such as the Girls work & Boys work Networks, or in supporting local activity through the East Youth Partnership. 

This can be further evidenced by our 3 year partnership with Manchester City Council (2007- 2010) funded by CWDC, to strengthen the VCS understanding and engagement with the Workforce Development agenda. We have also worked with Public Health Manchester to develop a greater understanding and achievement of health outcomes.  In cooperation with other infrastructure bodies we are also working to develop greater understanding of and engagement with the developing Youth & Play Trust.

VYM is also proud of its partnerships with national bodies such as Ambition and Runaclub, to assist our members in developing quality systems, policies and procedures.