Briefing on young people and the NHS Long Term Plan

The Association of Young People’s Health (AYPH) have released a briefing which highlights proposals made in the recent NHS Long Term Plan that will have an impact on 10-24 year olds. The briefing is informed by engagement with young people carried out by AYPH last year.

The new NHS Long Term Plan has been published and sets out new commitments for action to improve the nation’s health outcomes. AYPH has created a briefing to share their first impressions of the particular proposals that may impact on 10-24 year olds to assist those working in the young people’s health field.

As part of stakeholder consultations for the plan young people were asked what they thought it should include. In sessions run by AYPH, the Young People’s Health Partnership, the NHS Youth Forum and the British Youth Council, young people gave a clear steer. The has been organised under the specific headings young people gave where they wanted to see progress.

You can read the briefing here:

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