An offer of coaching for members of the VYM Network

The Background
Since leaving VYM nearly 2 years ago, Ross Grant has been developing a new venture as Fresh Perspective Coaching, Mentoring and Mediation. Ross is now both qualified and experienced in delivering performance coaching in different settings and sectors, but always designed to enable individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential.

Why Me?
As a VCS Project Manager for many years, Ross is aware of the many challenges such a role brings, not least the dangers of isolation, loss/lack of direction and sometimes burnout. This was reinforced observing the experience of managers and trustees, frontline workers and staff teams in his role at VYM. Having been coached in the last year, and undertaken accredited training, Ross is convinced of the benefits of coaching to support this role, as well as the ripple effects to those around them, and feedback from those Ross has coached has confirmed this. There are undoubtedly many coaches out there, but few have the unique experience that facilitates the level of understanding and empathy that Fresh Perspective CMM can bring.

The Methodology
The framework that informs the coaching process is the GROW model which enables the coach to guide the coachee through a clear structure towards a realistic, achievable, owned outcome. Performance coaching of this kind requires that the designated goal of any individual is in line with organisational goals, although organisations should be aware that this doesn’t exclude the possibility that the future for an individual may lie elsewhere. Coaching can be offered to individuals or teams, managers or frontline staff.

The standard period that makes a coaching process viable is six one-hour sessions, which should take place weekly or at most fortnightly. Coaching should ideally take place away from the workplace, or at least somewhere detached from work distractions. The only aspect of the process that cost VCS organisations are the coaching sessions themselves, so discovery sessions, initial meetings, phone calls, and expenses are not charged for.

Where a coaching assignment would benefit from having an extra pair of eyes, ears, another perspective, perhaps greater expertise, Ross will invite a similarly qualified coach to support the process. This only applies to group coaching.

Coaching can achieve many outcomes for individuals and organisations, and wouldn’t want to pre-empt too much here. Most of all it facilitates a different way of looking at things or approaching a task, or how an individual perceives themselves. Ross likes to think it encourages a fresh perspective.

The Offer
Fresh Perspective CMM will provide a free discovery session for organisations who may be new to the idea of coaching, maybe even suspicious, or doubtful about its benefits. This is a one-off, no strings attached offer, to introduce people to the purpose and benefits of coaching. This can be delivered as a presentation as part of an existing meeting or arranged specifically for this purpose, and can take between 1-2 hours.

Following this presentation should anyone wish to take things further, there are various options:
Fresh Perspective CMM’s standard rate for non-commercial bodies is £90 per session for 6 sessions, but for VYM members the offer is:
Option 1 – discounted rate of £75 per session for 6 sessions
Option 2 – a free course of 6 sessions for anyone who can guarantee a further 3 people within their organisation to sign up for a full series of sessions
One-off offer to VYM members – first person/organisation to sign up for coaching will pay half the full price for 6 sessions – £270

To find out more, visit:, where you can also find details of what Fresh Perspective CMM can offer, including mediation services. Alternatively, contact Ross Grant on 0779 354 2979, or email: to have a more in-depth discussion.

Coaching offer to VYM members

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