A Playful Project: Experimenting with the ‘Living Charter for Youth Rights’

This process of engagement seeks to sit alongside more formal processes of Youth Representation. It does not aim to be representative or necessarily represent shared demands or a manifesto, but to be a process for expressing hopes and dreams. In making claims to rights, it will be made clear by whom and from where these claims are made.

The principles underlying the living Charter process in its current phase are :
• The fundamental principle/human right to non-discrimination and mutual recognition and respect
• It aims to create safe-enough open spaces for courageous and difficult conversations between and among groups where there may currently be fear, suspicion and mistrust
• It involves the imagination of different ways of living and being that would enhance the creativity and strength of the communities and neighbourhoods of Greater Manchester

Method and Process
In partnership with the Sick! Festival (which happens in October 2019) we will be developing a response to the question: ‘For the lives of young people to be valued, what needs to change?’

We invite people aged 15-18, 18-24, and 24-30 to come together and create and showcase responses to this question. Throughout the period from the opening events to October and the Sick! Festival we will jointly plan a series of opportunities to pilot and co-create work.

The opening gatherings are planned as Drop In sessions at Hulme Community Garden Centre on February 11 and 12. Details of what, when and where are on the accompanying flyer.

Janet Batsleer, MMU J.Batsleer@mmu.ac.uk
Chris Charles, Artistic Director


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